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The Host - Stephenie Meyer 1. I read some reviews were people stopped reading the book because of the age difference - seriously? Its not even a problem - Wanderer is just as old as Jared and Ian ---- AND there are much bigger age difference between some folks here in real life.

2.I loved hearing about the other planets - I found it quite interesting.

3. I cried when Walter died and he thought Wanda was Gladys.

4.I just dont like Jared - i LOVE Ian, but Jared.. I just cant accept.

5. Wanda was just to self sacrificing, but its how the souls are...

6. The ending was so sweet!

Some quotes:
"We made our worlds better places; that was absolutely essential or we did not deserve them."

"Stop being a baby. Nothing is going to eat you. Now lie down and get some rest. Tomorrow will be harder than today."